EDAA Privacy Certification


Demonstrate privacy compliance for EDAA requirements

Meeting regulations, in addition to customer privacy expectations, necessitates understanding complex requirements. Navigating these requirements in the online advertising space is both challenging and essential. Non-compliance can lead to hefty legal fees, fines, and lawsuits. Beyond the financial impact, organizations must consider lost brand trust and business opportunities.


EDAA (European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance) Privacy Certification reduces privacy risks for any company doing Data-driven or Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) in the EU market. Companies that complete certification are awarded Trust Seal enabling certified companies to demonstrate to regulators, partners, or consumers its compliance with privacy best practices in the EU for data collection and use.

TRUSTe is an EDAA-approved certification provider, which will:


  • Identify and reduce privacy risk through a detailed assessment and certification review process
  • Minimize compliance risk by aligning your practices with EU self-regulatory criteria and best practices for data-driven advertising
  • Shorten sales cycle with new customers and deepen the trust in your existing business relationships

The EDAA in three phases

Assess your Privacy Program

Privacy assessments help you provide the information required for TRUSTe to understand and work with you to remediate compliance risks. Our team guides you through the process, utilizing our proven methodology and powerful technology.


Privacy Review

The first step is to define the assessment scope by business units, product/service lines, and digital properties (websites, apps, cloud platforms). Our team works with your organization to efficiently guide the discovery of necessary information, including relevant data flows, and evaluating your privacy policies and practices against applicable standards.

Remediation and Certification

Based on the information gathered from the assessment, our team supports you through the remediation process, helping to ensure required changes are completed.

Remediation and Validation

Rely on us to help you remediate gaps in your privacy programs and validate that your privacy statements accurately reflect your privacy practices and are consistent with applicable standards.

EDAA Trust Seal

After completing the required changes, we authorize your use of the EDAA Trust Seal for display on approved privacy notices and digital properties linking to that notice. The seal is hosted and linked to a Validation Page to provide real-time verification along with an easy-to-understand consumer notice verifying your company meets globally recognized privacy requirements.

Ongoing Monitoring and Guidance

Searchable Audit Trail

All assessment work and supporting documentation is available in a searchable, central repository – providing a way to respond to inquiries and demonstrate compliance for internal/external audits.

Ongoing Monitoring and Guidance

TrustArc provides ongoing compliance monitoring throughout the term of the agreement. Need Guidance? Access our privacy experts for ongoing policy support along with educational webinars, events, whitepapers, and research.

As a data-driven online advertiser, show your commitment to privacy