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Identify high-risk data activities and visualize progress with Risk Profile.


Take Full Control of Your Privacy Risk Program with Risk Profile


Risk Profile provides an intelligent dashboard of where your organization stands with regard to high-risk data activities and helps you prioritize what risk you should tackle first.

Automate Identifying High-Risk Activities. Make a Greater Impact.

Risk Profile dynamically monitors how your data activities stand in relation to quickly changing privacy laws such as GDPR, CPRA, and China PIPL. Get real-time, actionable insights that pinpoint your greatest risk and how to mitigate it. With simple reporting you can:

Risk Profile - Understand

Understand which data

activities pose your

organization the greatest risk

and how to mitigate them.

Risk Profile - Utilize

Utilize robust reporting to

visualize how your investment

in privacy risk reduction is

paying off.

Risk Profile - Perform

Perform continuous scanning

coverage across changing and

new laws to ensure that your

privacy risk program stays


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It is daunting to know where to start, especially if you do not know which data poses the most risk.

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Re-evaluate Risk

Customize the level of risk that you believe your data poses or rely on our automated system to do it for you.

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Risk Averages Heat Map

Show your mitigation efforts are reducing risk with this intuitive heat map.

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Global High-Risk Factors

Drill down through all regions to understand where your data has high-risk exposure.

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Streamlines users’ selection of an appropriate DPIA or PIA. These assessments result in dynamic reports that can be used in executive meetings, audits, and other business reviews.

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Data Transfer Risk Mitigation

Automatically detect data flows with data transfer risk and recommend relevant data transfer compliance mechanisms to mitigate risk.

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Global Protection

Enjoy a comprehensive view of risk across third-party and internal processes as it pertains to more than 1800 rules and 130+ laws globally.

Make Risk Profile your privacy risk dashboard

TrustArc is a robust and scalable privacy management tool that is easy to configure… I found this tool very helpful to prevent high-risk activities. It is one privacy and risk management tool with an intuitive dashboard with great analytic features.”

Shaiwal M, Designer, Mid-Market

Risk Profile reduces high-risk data activities

Manage all of your data risks in one place

A fully automated process with insights for managing privacy and data risk across your organization.

End-to-end vendor risk management solution

Holistically identify, track, manage, remediate and monitor risk across your vendors, service providers, partners, and third parties.

Automate risk analysis and assessment management

Streamline PIAs, DPIAs, vendor, risk, and other compliance assessments and remediation. Enables cross-organization collaboration to accurately complete assessments.

Risk Profile
Risk Profile

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