Engage customers
the way they want

Personalize customer experiences at scale across all your brand’s touchpoints while complying to GDPR, CCPA & more.

Consent & Preference Manager

Complex & confusing preferences
drive unsubscribes

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No preference = Unsubscribe

Most marketing tools offer your customers one choice – unsubscribe.

Cookie Consent Desktop

Respect the preferences

Building customer trust takes years. Losing it takes seconds. Don’t let siloed preferences damage your brand.


Scattered preference data

Modern marketing programs rely on a collage of tools that collect a ton of user data – but – they don’t speak to each other.

Consent & Preference Manager

A single source of trust

Consent & Preference Manager

Cultivate lists that convert

How do you improve your open rates and click through rates? Be more relevant by offering a seamless preference management experience to your customers.

Sync customer preferences across all brand touchpoints in real time

Collect customer preferences with a single experience and distribute across your entire marketing technology stack. Building trust and strong customer relationships begins with respecting their choices.

Sync preferences all touchpoints
Consent & Preference Manager

Comply with data privacy laws globally

Managing customer data while complying to GDPR or CCPA can be easily achieved. Your data privacy team enjoy simple reporting, consent and preference history, dashboards and more. Empower customers to view and update preferences from a single location with Preference Center.


Consent and Preference Manager is a scalable platform that can centralize, sync and distribute preference data securely and with ease across all your platforms.

For Privacy & Legal Experts

  • A unified solution to manage consent & preferences across all your brands and departments with ease.
  • Regardless of where you do business, understand and comply with applicable laws like GDPR, CCPA, PIPL and more.
  • Determine consent validity period according to the regulations.

For IT and Security Teams

  • Simple implementation.
  • Embed with an iFrame or drop a line of Javascript and you’re done.
  • Access 500+ proven industry connectors including Salesforce, Hubspot, and Marketo.
  • Best-in-class user support.

For Marketing Teams

  • Enhance your marketing lists by offering relevant options and synching across your marketing eco-system.
  • Tailor forms to the right audience with geofencing.
  • Track and Report on your customer performance metrics.

Bringing 20+ years of privacy expertise to consumer-obsessed brands

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Manage consent & preference data across 3rd party tools leveraging 500+ connectors including Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo and more!

Consent & Preference Manager Connectors

Enterprise level preference
management, simplified

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Branding & Setup

Drag and drop interface
Customizable templates / custom CSS
White labeling options

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Regulatory Compliance

History of consent
Audit trails for compliance
Geofencing consent data
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500+ leading connectors
Salesforce, Adobe
Oracle, Marketo and more!
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Role-based access
Anonymization and pseudo
-anonymization of data
Secure Data Imports
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Reporting & Analytics

Track consent trends in a central location
Export and share reports

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